Saturday, May 24, 2014

Daisies and Grapes

Daisies and Grapes...and some Lilacs
8x10 Oils on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A still life done in my Weekly Painting Class with Dan Edmondson. Took me for-ever and a day. But finally got it where I wanted it. Hope you like it, too.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Travel Chicken Comes for Mother's Day

The Traveling Chicken (and entourage) and Bella
8x8 Acrylic on Linen Panel

Yes! It's true! I waited over a year for my name on the waiting list to come to the top and it finally happened! I got to host Ms. Chick, Senor Gallo and Bianca (with her chicks). My conure Bella, was not too happy with me on Mother's Day when I sat them by the flowers my daughter gave me and treated them to one of Bella's favorite treats, Avi-cakes. 

Visit The Travel Chicken blog for the whole story!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hawaii Surf

Hawaii Surf
8x10 Oils on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Continuing with my crashing water phase - what is it about the ocean, waves, rivers that is so mesmerizing? I loved painting this one!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Palette Knife Painting - Storm Waves

Waves in Storm
8x10 Oils on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Pursuing my fascination with moving water, I painted this one with a palette knife, giving it a loose, wild feel - like the storm itself.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gorgeous Horse in Sunlight

Horse in Sunlight
8x10 oils on panel

Janine Suurenan in Spain posts the most amazing horse photos on Paint My Photo. This is one that really inspired me to paint. I love looking at horses - just terrified being near them! Now I want to paint more, they are so elegant and noble.

"My painting of Horse in Sunlight is the most beautiful piece of art that I have acquired in years. It really speaks to me! So much so that, although I intended to give it to the girl who has cared for my horses for me while I've been ill, I cannot part with it! It is stunning, so much more beautiful than the posting showed it. I want to thank you for painting this so that I can have this beautiful rendering of a horse who looks just like my Howling Moon.
I'll just have to look for something else to give Alma!  lol  *:"> blushing

Thanks again for enriching my life so much and please accept my apology for not letting you know it arrived."

Poudre River, Colorado

Poudre River
12x12 Oil on mdf panel

Painted in my Weekly Painting Class with Dan Edmundson. I am fascinated with painting water; it's hard for me so this took quite a few weeks to get to the point I was happy with it. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Storm Has Passed - redux

Storm Has Passed
8x10 Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas $50

I reworked this painting because it kept bugging me - added more violet to the sky and foreground and am very happy with it now! Proceeds help support The Garuda Aviary, so thank you!