Monday, July 4, 2016

Miniature Painting

Grazing on the Dunes
3.5 x 7.5 inches
Acrylics on hardboard panel

So I've become enamored of miniature painting - which differs from just painting small. Miniature painting can have an image no larger than 25 square inches, and the objects portrayed no larger than 1/6 life size.  In addition, if one looks at these painting under a magnifying glass, you should be able to see as much detail as a 'regular' sized painting.   

Keeping Ships Safe
4x6 Inches
Acrylic on Sintra Panel

Another miniature that really tested my eyes. The difficulty of painting with a magnifying glass is getting used to judging distance. I'd find myself making strokes, but no paint going on - then realized the brush wasn't touching the painting. Have to learn how to see through a magnifying glass. 

Nom Nom
4x4 inches
Acrylic on Sintra Panel

Now this one is small at only 16 square inches, but would not actually qualify in a Miniature Painting Show because the squirrel in the painting is at least 2 inches. Are real squirrels bigger than 12 inches sitting up? No, so I would have had to paint the squirrel much smalle.  And I didn't want to because I like how he was framed in the branches.