Monday, May 27, 2013

Appreciating LIFE

Haven't posted in quite a while....had a near death experience mid-March which kept me in hospital for 3+ weeks and am now getting back to the easel. Am appreciating life deeply now! 

Hope to be posting to Daily Paintworks some pieces for sale soon - have to finish a couple of commissions that are overdue first.

My step-mom had her birthday this week - mid 80's! Now that's a life to celebrate! She lives in a gorgeous condo overlooking the Chesapeake Bay (and Bay Bridge) and pot gardens - must be BLUE pots. And her geraniums are always so lovely on her deck. So I was inspired to paint her a 'birthday card' on masonite and she loved it:

If you'd like a special 'birthday card' painted for someone you love, let me know!