Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Painting Like a Madwoman

Haven't posted a lot lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not painting! I'm learning to work with water mixable oils, as well as taking a painting course from Dan Edmondson, which is turning out to be fantastic. I also signed up for his new WPC - Weekly Painting Course - which includes personalized critiques and group webinars. You don't know what you don't know till you know. He is a wonderful teacher and inparts knowledge as well as encouragement and how to relax and just paint, learn and have fun.

Here is the second still life I completed from his Still Life Course. It's just a phone photo so unfortunately doesn't show the wonderful brushwork, which I am learning to leave alone and not lick down to mud. Once I learn my new camera I'll post better photos. These can't go on sale for a bit as they are oils and need to dry thoroughly before varnishing.

Pear Martini
8x10 oils on hardbord

The next one I finished was from Module 1 in the Weekly Painting Course:

Module 1: Red Onions
8x10 oils on hardbord

This one was a real challenge in mixing the different reds without them becoming earth tones. May redo the grapes a bit after it dries - they are too uniform, I think. I also tried to really think before making brushstrokes so that the onion skins and the garlic were done in very few strokes, which gives them a free energy I love.

Then, for the January Paint My Photo challenge, which was to paint waves and water:

Sussex Coast after photo by Nicola B on PMP
8x10 oils on canvas

There's another one I've done from PMP photo but haven't shot a pix yet. So finishing four (and a half - my cows are almost done....) is not too shabby for one month!