Monday, April 2, 2018

Sherman: Horse Portrait

Was commissioned to paint a memorial portrait of a gorgeous horse - by a friend of the owner - and while it was fun, it was also challenging and a lesson as to why we need to ask for several reference photos as the photo of choice may be deceiving.  Here's an example:

Photo of desired pose for the painting:

Beautiful brownish/gray horse, right?

Here's a photo whose colors are not blown out:

He's actually more black/brown than brown/gray.

But I was happy with the final outcome and hope the owner is pleased. (I added his gorgeous white tail that was in yet another photo).

4/3/18 Update: The owner wrote to me after receiving the painting and it makes me so happy:

 I am shedding tears of "thanks and joy" to you. And I know Sherman approves as well. He was so very special and we knew each other so well. You got his "eye" right -- it shows his intelligence and kindness.

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