Sunday, March 2, 2014

After the Storm

 "After the Storm"
 8x10 in oils on wrapped canvas


Please note that all computer monitors show colors slightly differently.

I have been really busy taking an oil painting class so have not been posting lately. This is a painting I actually finished in December, but just haven't had time to photograph and post! I will be posting quite a few more in the coming weeks, as I don't want to post them for sale until they are dry enough to varnish and ship. 

The proceeds support the Garuda Aviary which is currently in great need of extra funds. Sadly, one of the Greenwing Macaws, Red, had to have surgery and didn't make it. So we are raising funds to pay those vet bills, as well as the ongoing care of all the parrots. So thank you for supporting this work.

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