Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 7 but Painting #2

Cherries and Lace
5x7 inches on canvas panel, acrylics

I am so glad I didn't commit to a painting a day! It will be a stretch to get 7 done for the week but I'm close. Have several almost dones and two more completed. But the photo on one was awful and now the light's too low. Frustration.

Anyway, am loving learning to paint with acrylics and although there's a lot of trial and error, am really happy with this one. Had to go to store and buy Pyrole Red as the Napthol and Cadmium Red Medium were so orange I couldn't get the right color. Pyrole fluid acrylics by Golden did the trick as the 'mother color' for the cherries.

This is a study for a larger painting, so it's done on a student grade canvas panel, but I'm selling it anyway's really pretty....and will be affordable for someone to enjoy.....and the parrots at Garuda Aviary can really use the financial help. Even just a little bit like this.

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